It is generally believed that the mushroom is time - it's summer, and especially the first half of autumn with a drizzling, but not cold rains. In fact, the mushroom season starts in early spring and lasts until the end of oseni.Tak that we take a basket, knife, food, in case if you are hungry, and go in search of mushrooms! Calm, peace, relaxation - all these emotions accompany you during your walk, when you inhale the aroma of the forest, the smell of pine needles, when you see how the trees, headlong, jumping nimble squirrel ... Nature ... Here, it is now necessary for the people living in cities.

As civilized people behave in polite company? To begin with - greet. Do not interfere, and you say hello to the forest, with forest wildlife from the forest owner, even fabulous. You can ask and mushroom in it, but only one, the one that find very desirable. Just do not ask what in the woods there. And for every gift timber does not interfere to say "thank you" - who still: the woods or forest Creator. What will it be your first mushroom? And who will find you or a child who accidentally went and looked "out under that birch?" What's the difference! The main thing that he brought you joy and not even very important, what it will be a mushroom, because it is - the first!

Do you want to learn how to easily recognize the mushrooms, to be able to understand the mushrooms, know a lot about mushrooms and other fungi to talk about? Then, for you, our friendly and experienced mushroom hunter will tell all about their structure, meaning in the life of man and nature, give advice where and when to collect mushrooms and what categories are divided mushrooms nutritional and taste qualities. In search of mushrooms requires not only knowledge of their species, but also practical skills, ability and skill on the skill and mushroom pieces found trophies.

The cost of this tour 200 UAH / person.

The price includes: disposal in a pine forest, maintenance and training experienced mushroom picker, picnic set (disposable barbecue grill, disposable tableware, vegetables, sausages, baked potatoes, tea, napkins).

We wish you good mood, successful campaigns and a lot of mushroom finds!


In the "low season" (October-April), when residing in our recreation center on the 9-day tour of mushroom -free! (As well as rafting, kayaking and horseback riding (from 3 up to 5 lessons)).

The "Promotional season" (May and September) for stays at our recreation center from 7 days mushroom tour -free! (As well as rafting, kayaking).