Resting on our recreation center "Orelsky Yard", you have the chance to visit the stud farm and horse riding. People are more than one hundred and even a thousand years lived side by side with these noble creatures. The horse was an assistant, a soldier, the other at all times. Upon arrival, you will pass the instruction on the basics of riding: experienced instructor will tell and show the basics, you will have the opportunity to "feel in the saddle." You will enjoy a pleasant stay, because communication with the graceful animal, unity with them, give a sense of inner harmony and positive energy.

 The cost of the tour and learning the basics of riding bookings at the recreation center from 7 days:

 in the "Low season" (October-April) - free of charge! (From 3 to 5 lessons 1 pers.), as well as donate kayaking - free of charge!

 in the "Promotional season" (May, September) - 1 person / 1000 USD (5 lessons).

 in the "High season" (June, July, August) - 1 person / 2000 USD (5 lessons).

 when booking 1-day stay at the Base Recreation - Lesson 1/500 USD. with 1

 for bookings from 2 days - 1 lesson / 400 USD. with 1

The tuition fee includes: transportation to the recreation center at the stud farm and back, learning the basics of riding.

We guarantee that in just 5 days you will surely stay in the saddle without the aid of an instructor!