In a picturesque corner of Tsarichanskiy district of Dnipropetrovsk region in the wilderness located recreation base "Orelsky Dvor". River Orel bends around the base territory, the length of it is 320 km and the depth of up to 6 meters in some places. Orel is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Sandy bottom and clean water make it possible to enjoy the view of swimming fish and turtles. Both banks of the river are connected by the foot bridge, by transpassing which you will find yourself on the edge of a huge forest with a hunting economy. There are blooming fields and large amount of lakes in the middle of the forest. Among forest dwellers: hares, foxes, wild boars, wolves, deer and sika deer. Among birds: wild ducks, pheasants, herons, cranes, bustards, partridges, quails. It's a wonderful world! And you want to listen to it, to catch every rustle, it is so fascinating and extremely interesting. You come into this realm of unearthly beauty and become a prisoner of amazing experiences, even when you can not say the words out loud, to not scare off a miracle. You somehow transform into a traveler who wanders this fabulous world called Nature. Not choosing, at random you go through the mysterious paths of the forest, wondering where they will lead you and what lies around the next corner. Maybe it's a sunny meadow with bench on which you can relax and surrender to contemplation, inspired by the peace and quiet of the forest. Or maybe meet a timid deer or quick squirrel or hedgehog, who hastens to his home with mushrooms on his needles... Signs on the trees will help you do not get lost, as well railings on turns and your intuition. Forest charms with its primeval view, purity, freedom, and the fine line between reality and fairy tale. So do not refuse to yourself pleasure to escape from the monotony of daily life and noisy city and to plunge into the fabulous world of wildlife. Spirit of the Forest invites you to his guests!