The quest "The Island of the Damned" will drag you into a pool of events that occurred 200 years ago, in those ancient times when pirates were fishing all around the seas, plundering, seizing ships, tricked and of course TREASURES RUNNING ... Of course, Jack Sparrow was one of the famous pirates. He will tell you an interesting story of treasure hunts, but he will make you look for him with him! You have to guess the cunning puzzles and perform insidious tasks, applying to it all your wit and sharpness of mind, as well as not forget about the sixth sense!


Quest "Alchemist" will not leave you indifferent! The key figure is Professor Hackgins, who devoted his entire life to science. Working in secret laboratories of the state, he worked on the development of many secret projects. Trying to understand the structure and secrets of the universe, he received many knowledge that surpasses the knowledge of other scientists. Working on his latest state-secret project called "The Philosopher's Stone. Management of the World ", Professor Haggins suddenly disappeared. They say that he got to the truth, he discovered the secret with which you can control the universe! Now Interpol, secret organizations and Masons are looking for him. Everyone wants to know the secret to take over the world.


We are the agents of the secret service, the yak is to take the advice of Professor Haggins. We do not embroider our schoolchildren in vain. It's possible that you cannot write a note to the student ...

Do you like interesting puzzles and puzzles! You think you cheerful and fun. Then gather a team of like-minded and take part in the intellectual quest "Art Quiz"! This question and exciting taste of real competition, where the chance of winning is everyone! Answer the questions will help team spirit, ingenuity, logic, savvy and more!

Meet the winter action! From now on, in “Low season” (November-April) you can ride an ATV for free every day (15 min) OR snowmobile OR play a quest game as well as every day you can skate (30 min) And watch a session in 3D glasses (20 min).

The cost of the quest: Intermediate (May) and Promotional season (September, October) - 20 UAH / person. The initial (June) and High season (July, August) - 50 UAH / person.