Fans and athletes feel the excitement of this offer fishing. Especially for you on the basis of rest established rates for Fish. Your prey may be captured specimens weighing up to 15 kg (pike, catfish, carp, white Amur and tench).

We can talk for ages about fishing. After all, there is nothing in the world more beautiful than an early spring morning. Spring - the most wonderful time of the year. Nature, waking up after a long winter, never happen to be so young, beautiful and vibrant. Returning migratory birds, the trees bloom first leaves, sprouting grass, sun-warmed hills. In these early days, fishing in open water is very exciting. Her fans seem to be willing to give everything to the spring after a forced break and to hear the trill bells, jingle to disclose the river. How painfully nice to track changes of nature, knowing that with every minute you are closer to the coveted day when the city rush cruise news: "Roach went!". Nothing can keep true angler. As if by magic would be left a free weekend, in a old friend’s car by chance will be empty seat, and someone has already bought several portions of worms. And now are reeled up on the wheels kilometers of roads, getting closer and closer to the desired river and nothing scares this fisherman: neither generous spring rain, nor angry gusts of cold wind, no skeptical smile at home. "Roach went!" - then everything else is not important. Just to see how a fish bends a rod, as well as how under not very hot rays of the low sun in the water will flash silver scales of first fish of the season. Few of us has not admired the early dawn painted in red color of floats, frozen on the mirror-smooth water. Few felt no impatience and tremor in his hands from anticipation of the fight with a beautiful and strong fish, and eating a great fish soup made on fire from his own just-caught pike. So we wish you a great fishing and unaffordable amount of the catch!


For guests at the recreation entrance fishing 200 UAH! The cost of trophies, weighing from 1 kg to 2 kg - 50 UAH / kg. Catch up to 1 kg - free.

Fish weighing from 2 kg to catch PROHIBITED!

The catch: pike, catfish, carp, grass carp, silver carp, tench. Cleaning and cutting fish: 30 USD / piece.

Sale of spinning (at the rate of 1 USD = 24 UAH): float rod assembly 6 meters - 500 UAH; rod on long casts with signaling assembly - 700 UAH; spinning in the assembly - 900 UAH.