Spesials! Always wanted to experience the thrill of immersive virtual reality? Then you to us!!! Do not miss the Spesials!!! Free 3D session!!! Now we have a rest you can dive into the world of virtual reality and feel the opportunity to be a player in the new unknown world - it's definitely a breakthrough in the entertainment industry, you have to evaluate!

Meet the new winter campaign! From now on, in the "low season" on arrival we give you a 15-minute ride snowmobiles, a new interactive game quest «IQ play» or intellectual game "QUIZ ART",  30 minutes of skating*!! At the exit you take part in a win-win lottery! We guarantee that you will like it!

* When there is snow on the client is given a gift choice!

Delicious specials “For Gourmets”!

 Breakfast is a beautiful start of the day. It awakens body in the morning and gives the required amount of energy for a productive day.

On Mondays, only for visitors of our rest base, breakfast free of charge!

 Every Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 tea tasting and alcoholic drinks under the magnificent live music!

What can be more delicious than fragrant juicy meat and vegetables with a smoke aroma!

Each Friday from 18-00 Orelsky Dvor treat all visitors with dishes from barbeque menu free of charge!


Free dinner  special: on Saturdays for all visitors and guests we provide lunch (soup of the day)!

Don’t put off to supper, what you can eat on dinner. Aleksandr Pushkin

On Sundays we treat everybody with hot first meals and alcohol drinks!



 Specials “For Birthdays”!

  If your birthday is during one of reservation dates at our rest base, we present you with a 10% discount for accommodation, services and goods landed at “Orelsky Dvor” and 1 hour fabulous live music!.



Specials “For newlyweds”

 Spend you honeymoon in “calm heaven” located at picturesque place among wild nature!

 Upon presentation of a marriage certificate, we give you a magical three days with 30% discount on accommodation!

 Story of true love never ends.



The musical event!

In honor of the holiday, we'll give you one o'clock live music! Also you cen enjoy live music in addition 200 uah/hour. 

A gift certificate is a universal gift!

In fact any celebration is not complete without gifts. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what to give a loved one, friend, colleague, partner, what would make him happy. You can help gift certificate.

A gift certificate will help in cases when you need to congratulate somebody, the affiliation of which is not known. The main advantage of such a gift is received it decides when it will be able to use the certificate.

The recreation base "Orelsky Dvor" offers gift certificates for:

50$ - ( 5%)
100$ - ( 10%)
500$ - ( 20% purchase ).

When you purchase a gift certificate you can use the discount on their discount card.

The certificate applies for accommodation, goods and services provided by our recreation center.

Acquired certificate cannot be returned.

Limitation of action has not.

Order and buy the certificate, you can:

by phone: +38 (097) 050-32-31 Manager
by mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
directly on of the recreation base "Orelsky Dvor"

Delivery of certificates is New Mail.